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When to Know it's Time for a Landscape Redesign
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When to know it’s Time for a Landscape Redesign

With the seasons changing, many homeowners and businesses are curious when they should redesign their landscaping. While there is no wrong time to redesign, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure you’re getting the most out of your time, money and effort. Krob Landscape takes the guesswork out of the equation!

While it can be tempting to DIY your landscape, it is a delicate process that needs frequent upkeep. This can become daunting when trying to balance the obligations of everyday life. We highly recommend leaving this process in the hands of the professionals.

Transitional Seasons

Fall is one of the most ideal times to redesign your landscape. The weather places less stress on plants than the droughts and uncertain weather patterns of summer. Planting during the fall allows landscaping elements to cultivate a strong root structure, making the plants prepared to endure heat and lack of water the following summer and decrease the chance of dying due to disease or pests.

Your Outdoor Space is Outdated

Like all elements of design, styles come and go. Something that was textbook chic 10 years ago could be considered an eyesore today. If it’s been at least over 8 years since a redesign, you should definitely consider one.

Your Space is not Being Efficiently Utilized

Maximum efficiency should always be a priority. If you have the space, why not use it to its full potential? Talk to a residential landscape design professional to help map out a design that makes the most sense for your space.

You Avoid Looking at your Yard

Do you find yourself ignoring your yard altogether when entering your home? You’re not alone. Landscaping can become an overwhelming process when unattended for a long period of time. Mapping out a redesign can be an empowering process for getting your yard back on track.

Ready to let the professionals at Krob Landscaping handle your residential landscape redesign? Contact us today!

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