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Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping - What’s the Difference?
Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping - What’s the Difference?

So much goes into maintaining your yard. From mowing your grass to trimming your trees to planting new flower beds, keeping your outdoor spaces healthy and beautiful can be a full-time job. Many property owners turn to professionals for help. But with so many companies available, it can be hard to know which to choose!


It’s not always enough to know what you need. Some lawn companies call themselves lawn care specialists. Others market as lawn maintenance companies, while still others provide services in landscaping. To muddy the waters even further, many of them provide the same services! You know you need help with your lawn, so what’s the difference? We’re here to make it clear. Read on to learn about the differences between lawn care, lawn maintenance, and landscaping.


Lawn Care


As the name suggests, lawn care involves taking steps to improve and maintain a property’s lawn. Lawn care companies specialize in creating lush, green grass that is attractive, healthy and resistant to drought or disease. In this way, you can think of lawn care as caring for a property’s lawn without dramatically changing its structure or design. In fact, one of the defining features of lawn care is that you are caring for a lawn or turf that is already there.


Common lawn care services include seeding, fertilizing, performing pest control, aeration, and others. For this reason, lawn care specialists need to be highly experienced and, depending on your state, licensed to apply chemicals. Krob Landscape provides expert service in lawn care including weed and pest control as well as nutrient/water management.


Lawn Maintenance


The difference between lawn maintenance and lawn care is subtle, yet important. Lawn maintenance also involves improving and caring for an existing yard, but it includes services to maintain the entire landscape year-round (rather than just the turf). These often include things like mowing, trimming, edging and weed eating.


Somewhat confusingly, many lawn maintenance companies include lawn care services. It makes sense - a well-maintained exterior includes an attractive and healthy lawn, so maintenance companies often take care of both. For example, Krob Landscape provides total lawn packages that include turf management as well as full-scale lawn maintenance.




Unlike lawn care or lawn maintenance, landscaping involves the creation of new outdoor spaces through construction, planting, and design. Landscapers focus on creating outdoor designs that complement, improve, and functionalize your home’s exterior. There are two main categories of landscaping: softscaping and hardscaping.


Softscaping involves the live elements of your landscape - plants, shrubs, trees, grass, and other vegetation. Landscapers use these components to create vibrant outdoor areas full of color and life. Seasonal planting, flower bed designs, and the addition of trees or shrubs are common examples of softscaping.


In contrast, hardscaping uses man-made materials to improve the look and function of your home’s yard. Walkways, patios, retaining walls, driveways, and boulders are commonly used in hardscaping a property. Hardscaping can be done to up your curb appeal, create outdoor spaces for entertaining or relaxation, or improve the use and function of an area.


Although softscaping and hardscaping are different, both are necessary to create a well-rounded landscape, and most landscaping companies offer both. Krob Landscape offers a full range of landscaping services to design and create a pleasing outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come.


Ultimately, which lawn company you choose is up to you. Whether you need lawn care, lawn maintenance, or full landscaping services, knowing what is provided by each will help you make a decision to fit your needs.


No matter what your lawn needs, Krob Landscape can help! Our expert staff can assist you with turf care, lawn maintenance, landscaping, and more. Visit our services page for more info and contact us today!

Everything You Need to Know About French Drains
Everything You Need to Know About French Drains

Do you find yourself with a soggy yard after a hard rain? Even worse, do those first drops make you run for the shop vac to dry out a flooded basement or garage? If so, you have a drainage problem, and a french drain may be the solution. But before you start picturing croissants and funny mustaches, read on to find out everything you need to know about french drains.


What Is A French Drain?


A french drain isn't French at all. It was invented by an American named Henry French in 1859 when he noticed that farmland was destroyed by too much standing water. It's primarily used to redirect surface water and groundwater away from an area. This prevents flooding, runoff, and pooling water from damaging your yard or home. It can also distribute water (like for a septic system) or relieve ground pressure behind a retaining wall.


The concept is relatively simple. It's done by digging a trench and inserting a perforated pipe along the bottom. Gravel is spread over the top to filter water down, and the pipe then guides it to a better outlet. There are two main types of french drains. Shallow Drains are dug approximately two feet from the surface and are best for fixing excessive surface water in your yard. Deep Drains are dug much deeper and placed around the perimeter of your home to help keep your basement or cellar dry during heavy rain. You can also install a french drain in the interior of your home.


Do I need a french drain?


If you need a french drain, there are virtually no other solutions that will fix the problem. Only you can decide if you need a drainage solution. But a french drain may be needed if:


  • Your yard is sticky and spongy after rain or has a permanent damp spot
  • Your basement or garage is wet after a heavy rain
  • Your driveway is constantly washed-out
  • You have a mold or mildew problem in the lower levels of your home


Can I Install My Own French Drain?


Hardware stores and intense DIYers will tell you that you can install a french drain yourself. But letting a professional do the work is always the best option for drainage solutions. A professional will have the tools and knowledge to find the right angle and depth, place the drain in the right place, and do the dirty work. And when properly installed, french drains can last for decades without needing maintenance.


Krob Landscaping can give you a perfect french drain to solve your flooding problems - while saving you the back pain that comes from hours of trench digging.


Rain cleans the air, fills rivers and streams, allows plants to grow - it's a beautiful resource that we can't live without. But it can be hard to see the beauty in it if all that water is turning your home and yard into a swamp. If you think you may need a french drain, contact us for an evaluation! We can provide a variety of draining solutions to help keep your home and yard dry even in the strongest storms.

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