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How to Turn Your Grass Clippings and Leaves Into A Great Garden Mulch
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You’ve just finished mowing your lawn and your mower bag is full. What will you do with the clippings and leaves inside? If you’re like many homeowners, you’ll empty them into trash bags and haul them to the curb for pick-up. But by doing so, you’re essentially throwing away hundreds of dollars every year!


Organic materials like grass clippings and leaves make an excellent mulch for your flower beds, lawn, and other naturalized areas. They decompose quickly, contain nutrients that feed your soil and plants, and they look more attractive than most store-bought mulches. Best of all, they’re completely free!


So, before you empty that bag into the trash, read on to find out how to save yourself tons of time and money by using your grass clippings and leaves as an organic mulch.


The Benefits of Organic Mulch


Organic mulch made of leaves and/or grass clippings includes the same benefits as more expensive store-bought mulches. It retains your soil moisture, blocks light to prevent weed growth, and improves your plant life. But using organic materials to mulch your yard also has benefits you can’t buy from a store! They include:


Save Money. Store-bought mulches can be expensive, but the grass clippings and leaves in your yard are free! You’ll also save the cost of having those bags picked up from the curb.


Save Time. Raking and bagging leaves and clippings can take hours, if not days. With a bagged mulching mower, you’ll cut your time in half and save yourself some back pain.


Natural Fertilizer. Grass clippings contain an excessive amount of potassium and nitrogen, making it a natural fertilizer for your lawn and plants.


Long-Lasting. Leaves and grass oxidize and decay slowly. That means your plants will have a long-lasting fuel source to get them through the upcoming season.


Eco-friendly. Recycling organic matter into mulch keeps it out of the landfills and creates a healthier environment for all.


Tips to Use Grass Clippings and Leaves as Mulch


Leaves and grass clippings can be used easily and effectively to mulch your lawn and your flower beds. There are a few other tips you can follow when using organic mulch from your yard in order to get the best effect:


  • We strongly suggest using a mulching mower to mulch grass clippings and leaves. These types of mowers use a specialized blade to cut the clippings and leaves several times, chopping them more finely than a regular mower.


  • Be sure to lower your blade setting when running over dense areas of leaves or overgrown grass to chop them into the smallest pieces possible. Ideally, clippings should be no more than an inch in length.


  • To mulch your lawn, simply remove your mower bag and leave your grass clippings and chopped leaves where they land.


  • To mulch your beds and other natural areas, spread your mulched leaves and grass clippings from your mower bag into your flower beds and other natural areas in thin, even layers.


  • When using fresh grass clippings as mulch, keep your layers under ¼ inch. This will allow the clippings to decompose before they rot, turn slimy, or smell. Leaves or dried grass clippings can be spread more thickly.


Using leaves and grass clippings as an organic mulch is a great way to care for your lawn efficiently and affordably. If you need help caring for your lawn or finding the right mulch for your landscape, we can help! Our expert landscapers can handle everything from lawn maintenance to nutrient control and more. Contact us today!

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