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Everything You Need to Know About Krob Landscape’s Lawn Management
Everything You Need to Know About Krob Landscape’s Lawn Management.png


If managing your lawn is driving you to madness, you’re not alone. A lush carpet of vibrant green grass will certainly boost your curb appeal, but keeping it that way can be a real drain on your time and energy (not to mention your wallet).


The good news is, you don’t have to mow the months away. Hiring a lawn management service like Krob Landscape can give you the best of both worlds: a lush, healthy lawn and the time you need to enjoy it. 


If handing over your lawn management hasn’t crossed your mind, here’s everything you need to know about Krob Landscape’s Lawn Management.  




Believe it or not, mowing isn’t only about the way your lawn looks. A proper mow actually keeps your lawn healthy and resistant to problems, which helps it stay spectacular for seasons to come. 


At Krob Landscape, we provide a masterful mow each and every time. Our professionals know the optimal height for your turf type and use specialized mowing equipment to keep your lawn nice and neat (so no more hours spent sharpening your mower blades). We even offer customizable schedules to provide personal service all season long. 




If you’re tired of spending hours hacking at your hedges, Krob Landscape has the solution you’ve been searching for. Our professional landscape staff knows how - and when - to prune your hedges to keep them square in shape (or any other shape you desire). After giving your hedges a happy trim, we’ll clean up the clippings to leave your landscape in clean and perfect condition. 




Edging looks excellent, but it takes the right tools and extra time many homeowners don’t have. Luckily, Krob Landscape has the skills and the service to give your entire lawn a crisp, clean look. Our specialists know how to shape up any edge, from garden beds to sidewalks to driveways and more. 


Lawn Blowing


After a good mow, discarded lawn debris can leave your landscape with a less-than-desirable look - and hours of clean-up time. Luckily, Krob Landscaping can handle both without handing you any additional stress. Our team uses professional-grade blowers to rid your driveway, deck, and any other hard surfaces of unsightly lawn clippings for a clean, polished landscape. 


Fertilizing and Pre/Post Emergents


If you’ve ever gotten frazzled in the fertilizer aisle, you’re not alone. There are so many choices in chemical landscape products, and the wrong one may harm more than help the health of your lawn.


The good news is, there’s an easier way. Krob Landscape has a team of expert lawn professionals that know which fertilizers to apply - and which ones to avoid - for a lush, healthy lawn. We can even take the worry out of weeds with pre- and post-emergents that prevent and protect your lawn from unwanted invaders.  




A layer of mulch can help you make the most out of your landscape. Beyond keeping your plants in prime condition, a perfectly paired mulch can add a pop of sophistication to your overall landscape look.


However, making the most out of mulch isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Too much mulch can suffocate your soil, while too little leaves the root systems exposed. Mulch also comes in a variety of styles and sizes that each bring unique pros and cons to your plants. 


Krob Landscape can take the madness out of mulching by helping you choose the right form and applying it in the right places for maximum benefit to your plants. With seasonal service, we’ll even maintain your mulch at optimal levels month after month for a magnificent look all year long. 


Personal Lawn Programs


Your lawn is special - and your lawn care should be, too. Krob Landscape offers residential lawn management (RLM) programs that are completely customizable, from personal services to tailored schedules for every season. If you’re ready to love your lawn again, contact us today! 

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