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Welcome to Krob Landscape where we specialize in sod preparation and sod installation including, grading and leveling your yard in order to get it ready for laying sod. When it comes to Landscape Design and Landscape Maintenance, Krob is the exterior landscape experts. Since 1984, we have been offering our professional Landscape Services throughout Mobile County, and all of Baldwin County AL, as well as Pensacola and Perdido Beach, Florida.

 grading and Leveling your landscapeWhen it comes to laying sod in your yard, there is a careful process to follow. The sod installation process begins with the very crucial step of landscape grading and yard grading.

Measuring the area and filling in pits in your yard and leveling a yard ensures that there is a steady slope heading downhill from your house. Leveling a yard and grading a yard is essential to a healthy yard and a flood-safe house.

The process of laying sod also begins with preparing ground for sod. When it comes to installing sod, the finished product is only as good as the sod preparation. It’s key to follow steps such as tilling and rolling the site before laying sod. Another key factor is testing the soil pH with a chemical soil test and also applying a starter fertilizer that is high in phosphate. Steps such as these will ensure your grass sod installation is a success.

Sod Installation and Sod Preparation in Baldwin County ALWhen installing sod, the process is carefully executed. Water is put down in preparing ground for sod installation immediately. In hot weather, such as in Alabama, unlaid sod must be protected until you begin laying it.

Careful measurements and layouts must be followed when you begin installing sod. Avoid gaps and overlaps and stagger the joints in each row in a brick-like fashion. After laying sod, be sure to roll the entire area to improve sod contact and to remove air pockets.

While laying sod results in a wonderful “instant lawn,” sometimes seeding or planting a lawn with turf grass seed is the better choice. Using premium grass seed instead of laying sod is often a more cost effective choice. Also, planting a lawn may take longer as the seeds germinate and grow. But a turf grass seed lawn looks just as great as a sod lawn once it gets established.

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