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Regular Landscape Maintenance Programs for Commercial Properties


If you're responsible for managing a commercial property, you have a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders.  When you're balancing so many duties, landscape maintenance may not seem particularly urgent.  After all, the grass can't complain, and people don't tend to think about shrubs on a daily basis.  However, while you can let the lawn care slide for a week here and there, it's only a matter of time before minor problems snowball into major ones.  

With landscape maintenance, as with many things in life, the key to success is consistency.  That can be a little tricky when you're dealing with so many demands on your time and attention.  Fortunately, there's help!  At Krob Landscape, we recognize how busy our clients are, which is why we offer Regular Landscape Maintenance (RLM) programs that ensure your commercial property receives the consistent, attentive care it requires to stay at its best, all year long.  


Landscape Maintenance Is Worth the Effort

Keeping your commercial landscape in tip-top shape takes effort and commitment, but it delivers results that make it unquestionably worthwhile.  Consider landscape upkeep as an investment in improving and protecting your business.  Keeping everything trim, tidy, and looking its best boosts your commercial property in terms of aesthetics and safety:  

Well-kept landscapes are more attractive.

Whatever type of commercial property you manage, you want to appeal to potential customers, visitors, or residents.  If your commercial landscape looks neglected, you're missing out on the chance to make an excellent first impression.  Unkempt lawns, out-of-control weeds, and sickly plants can give passers-by a bad feeling about the business behind the landscape.  They may think—even if only subconsciously—that a poorly kept landscape is a sign that your business isn't responsible, capable, or detail-oriented.  It may even lead to lost business, if they decide to go elsewhere.

On the other hand, with an aesthetically pleasing commercial landscape, you immediately and convincingly communicate to the rest of the world that your business is attentive, successful, and prepared to tackle any challenge.  Well-maintained and appealing landscapes naturally draw people in closer, so why not use that to your advantage by bringing customers to your door?

Properly maintained landscapes are safer.

This is especially important for those managing multifamily properties or other commercial properties where people are likely to be walking around and enjoying the landscape—but really, anyone should give some thought to the safety of their property's exterior spaces.  If landscaping is neglected for too long, a number of problems can arise and escape notice.  The following are just a few that come to mind:  

  • Irritating or dangerous insect pests can establish colonies or nests.  
  • Small animals or erosion may create holes or an uneven walking surface.  
  • Thorny or poisonous weeds can take over.  
  • Overgrown areas can invite rodents and snakes to move in.
  • Rotting trees or limbs can be accidents waiting to happen.
  • Untamed shrubs can make it difficult to see anyone lurking around buildings.

It's always wise to protect the safety and comfort of visitors, guests, and residents of your commercial property.  You're also protecting yourself and your business from potential liability issues by avoiding accidents and injuries!  Having routine landscape maintenance keeps weeds, grass, and plants under consistent control and helps you more easily see any issues that need to be addressed.  (Your trusty landscape technician will be able to notice and alert you to many of these things, as well.)


Regular Landscape Maintenance (RLM) Programs on the Alabama Gulf Coast

So, knowing how important landscape management is for your commercial property, have you considered setting up a Regular Landscape Maintenance (RLM) plan?  It's a great way to simplify this aspect of your life:  Your property receives the consistent, top-quality landscaping services it needs without repeatedly infringing on your valuable time or taking up more mental bandwidth.  

Krob Landscaping makes it easy!

Step 1:  Set Up Your RLM Plan

Krob Landcape will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for your unique commercial property's specific needs.  No two properties are exactly the same.  Each has its own set of circumstances that require different solutions or maintenance schedules.  Also, your landscape goals won't necessarily be the same as someone else's.  That's why we customize your RLM to meet your precise requirements.  

You'll look through our impressive list of landscape services and select the ones you want.  We can advise you to help you make the best choices to achieve your goals within your budget.  In addition to the basics of lawn care, we can make seasonal changes to your landscape, such as adding seasonal color and plantings.  We can also prune, fertilize, and perform other season-specific tasks, as you wish—at the best time for your plants, to deliver optimal results.  

Together, we'll build a maintenance schedule that meets your approval.

Step 2:  Sit Back and Leave the Rest to Us!

Yes, that's it.  Once your plan is in place, we'll come out as scheduled to perform the tasks you've selected.  You simply make the convenient monthly payments, then leave it all to our dependable landscape technicians.  You won't have to remember a thing—but of course if you have any additional concerns or wish to amend your RLM program in any way, we're only a phone call away!

Your commercial landscape will reap the benefits of stable, routine attention and care.  As the seasons change, your RLM plan will change, as well, to meet the shifting needs of your lawn and plants.  We deliver timely, cost-effective services that maintain your commercial landscape to perfection!  You can count on Krob Landscape to deliver professional and attentive service while you focus on the rest of your duties.  It's one less thing for you to deal with, month after month!


Contact Krob Landscape to Get Started!

Call Krob Landscape at 251-945-5157 or contact us online to discuss how our RLM program can simplify and improve your commercial property's landscape care.  We offer professional landscape services for all types of commercial properties, including multifamily, retail, hospitality, industrial, and office properties.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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