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Reasons Commercial Landscape is a Must for your Business
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Curb Appeal Attracts Customers

A recent survey of a southern community found that 74% of the public will frequent businesses based on landscaping, including parking lots and areas in front and around your building.  

You can stand out amongst your competitors with thoughtful and tasteful design, installation and maintenance of the outside spaces surrounding your business. 

More than owners think, consumers will pull into a parking lot, only to pull away if the business looks unkempt or uncared for, even without knowing anything else! Point is, make your curb appeal, appealing.


Focus On Your Business

The world seems to be spinning faster and faster each day, with little signs of ever slowing down.  And that spin requires more of your time to be dedicated to the success of your business – meaning less time for those pesky tasks which nevertheless affect your bottom line.  

Like the landscaping. By partnering with Krob, we’ll take the stress out of “just another thing to do” for you. We listen, suggest, then we’ll implement our shared vision of what you want for your customers, for your company.  

Let us do our business, so you can do your business.


Landscape Companies Have the Proper Tools

Nothing is more aggravating than needing the right tool for whatever task you are wishing to accomplish.  And just as the right wrench, ladder or software can save time for either the DIYer or business owner, so can having the right landscaping tools.  

Problem is, good landscaping requires much more than just a garden rake or shovel of some kind. Garden tools, fertilizer, ladders, trash removal material and so on, not only make the job easier, they can make the difference between “eh” and “wow!”  However, the investment can be significant if you want to do it yourself.  

But Krob relieves you of having specific tools, and of keeping a schedule to maintain your yard or lawn.  We also use premium tools and material, meaning your landscape is not only done well, and on time, it’s done with quality results.


Think Safety

Trees are your thing, so you’d like to incorporate them into your design.  Gardens add to the overall pleasing effect of your business, and you’d prefer a natural-looking area surrounding your location.

But with trees come limbs, branches or sticks, and so does the opportunity for them to fall where and when they shouldn’t, and often when you least expect or realize it.  Nature is a wonderful thing, but pests love it, too.  

Krob’s professionals can spot and properly care for trees before they are a liability, and are trained to spot potential pest control problems so that your landscape is maintained not only aesthetically, but with safety in mind as well.


Lower Your Energy Bills

That’s right, lower them.  By selectively planting well-placed trees and shrubs, you can provide shade to your place of business, and help reduce heat absorption, which in turn lowers air conditioning requirements.  Shrubs protect from heat against your building’s walls and windows, while trees can help with taller structures.

Krob will help select the ideal spots, and their expertise ensures your building is protected against both erosion and water saturation, by allowing wind flow and drainage away.  Smart! 


Be A Community Leader

Your street, your block, your neighborhood.  The poet Alexander Smith once said, “A man doesn't plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity.” When you care about how you look, others take notice.  

And when they care, the seed is planted for everyone to care about, now, and in the future.  Your commercial landscape means more than just beautifying your immediate spaces, it means you believe in bringing others around you up.  

We at Krob believe in working with businesses to develop comprehensive yet elegant landscapes and are committed to helping you succeed by creating a pleasing and carefully planned design. 

Let Krob partner with you to increase value and save time while beautifying the world around you and your business.  Call us for a quote today!

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