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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter
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Soon it will be time for Turkey Trots, turkey basting and for the woodsy types, turkey chasing.  But before you get all up into who ate the last piece of Thanksgiving pie, consider your grass.  That’s right, before it goes into hibernation, your lawn deserves some final touches to make it ready for a wintery nap.


All I Need is the Air That I Breathe


Before the weather outside gets frightful

And the fire feels so delightful

Prior to the first frosty blast

Make sure to aerate your grass


This fun jingle above is a reminder to all homeowners and caretakers: before the first frost of the season, aerate your lawns. Why? Like us, grass needs a little breathing room, and aerating also helps with the inevitable crowding that happens over the course of the warmer months.  Plus, you will want to fertilize and by opening the soil a bit, this helps the grass store those needed nutrients it will need later on.  And when it “springs” back to action, your grass will come up healthier and lusher!


Weed, Seed and Feed


Typically, the fall season brings about good conditions in which to work your lawn. Using either a good weeding tool or by hand, remove anything you identify as a weed. A broadleaf herbicide will also do the trick (make sure it’s labeled “selective”, as these should not harm your grasses). Also, remember it’s best to spot-apply the herbicide rather than treating the entire lawn.


The soil will generally be softer and moister (easier to work), especially with all the rain we’ve had this year!  So, using a good, stiff garden rake, scratch the top layer of your soil; use a good seed (see last month’s blog to find out more about seed selection); generously spread - highlighting bare spots; then finish with a covering of straw to keep birds from treating your hard work as an invitation to eat.


You can also fertilize with compost or commercial material found at most home centers or nurseries.  And lastly, keep the seeded areas well-watered until you see new growth.


Raking and Piling that which Falls


It can bring a smile to watch your kids, the neighbor’s kids, or your pup jump in a leaf pile, despite the work that goes into creating that pile of fun.  But leave them too long, and your lawn will not find it funny.  Piles of grass or leaves not meant for compost can prevent sunlight from reaching the grass underneath, hurting growth.  Leaves or grass left on your lawn can cause weakness in the grass or the onset of winter diseases.  The same can be said for that heap of joy causing mold by trapping moisture that can’t naturally evaporate.  Take the time to remove the leaves and grass, and your lawn will thank you for it next year.


Questions? Advice? Help?


We at Krob are more than a full-service residential or commercial landscaping company, with a desire to help you with your design, maintenance or installation needs. We are your neighbor.  And we care about our community and those we serve with our knowledge and expertise. Come by and see us, or give us a call if you have questions about your lawn, your garden, or if you just have general landscaping questions or concerns.  We’re here to help.  


See you soon, neighbor!

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