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How To Prepare Your Lawn For The Fall
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With autumn officially here, many homeowners are looking forward to entering the off-season of lawn care. While lawns are certainly less maintenance during the fall and winter seasons than in their warmer counterparts, there’s still work to be done! A few last-minute lawn care practices in early fall will guarantee a bright and healthy lawn come spring and prevent winter from wreaking havoc on your carefully nurtured landscape. Here are 5 easy ways to prepare your lawn for the fall:

Kill Weeds

To prepare for the colder months, tackle those pesky weeds before the first cold snap of the fall season. During early autumn your perennial weeds begin storing energy in their roots, making them substantially easier to kill. Additionally, once weeds go dormant weed-killing chemicals will no longer work and they’ll have to be removed by hand.

Trim Trees

Those blankets of colorful fall leaves may be pretty to look at (and play in), but they’re terrible for your lawn. To minimize the amount of time you’ll spend raking as the leaves change, trim your trees in the first few weeks of autumn. This will cut down on the shed and save you hours of time raking, bagging, and composting.

Keep Mowing

Although grass growth has slowed as autumn approaches, your lawn doesn’t officially stop growing until the first freeze. In South Alabama, that can be as late as November! Continue cutting your grass at normal height until it stops growing completely to best prepare your lawn for the fall and winter months.

Reseed Bare Spots

Late summer to early fall is the best time to reseed those dead eyesores that sprung up over the hot season. Seeds rarely take in the peak of summer, and once the ground freezes you’ll have to wait for next year.

Aerate The Soil

In the simplest terms, aerating means driving holes into the ground and removing plugs of compacted soil. This can be done by hand, but it’s easiest to rent a professional aeration machine from your local home and garden store.

Ideally, you should aerate your lawn 2-3 times per year, but it’s especially important in the early fall months. Many lawns suffer from soil compaction and heat stress during the summer, so aerating as the temperatures cool helps return much-needed nutrients and moisture to the soil. It also gives your lawn plenty of time to rejuvenate before taking on the cold winter months.

If the thought of prepping your lawn for autumn doesn’t make you FALL in love, the experts at Krob Landscaping can help! Our lawn services include maintenance and prepping services to keep your lawn in optimal health and beauty at any time of year. Contact us today to learn more!

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