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How To Help Your Landscape Spring into a Weed-Free Season
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Spring is in sight, bringing with it warmer temperatures, gentle breezes, and vibrant new growth. It would be great if that growth was limited to lush lawns and fantastic flowers, but unfortunately, the season also brings a much less welcome guest: spring weeds.

The good news is, being proactive can help your lawn and landscape stay healthy and free of weeds all season (and year) long. In the days and weeks before spring’s arrival, complete these two easy steps to help your landscape SPRING into a weed-free season.

Use Pre-Emergents

We all know the bliss of spring’s warmer temperatures after months of winter cold. What you may not know is that the soil underneath your lawn warms long before you can feel the change in the air. This means waiting until spring weather begins to tackle weed growth is much too late - weeds have already started to germinate underground.

That’s why using pre-emergents is so important. Pre-emergents contain a mix of fertilizers and herbicides that are designed to prevent pesky weeds like crabgrass and clover from sprouting in the spring. Once applied and watered, pre-emergents will form a protective barrier that kills weeds as they attempt to germinate and grow.

Timing is key if you want to get the most from your pre-emergents. You want to apply them in the last few weeks of winter before the soil has a chance to warm, or ideally from late February to Mid-March. Although it may seem otherwise, pre-emergents are not effective at killing weeds that are already there - once they sprout from the ground, you’ll need harsher weed killers to handle them.

Lay Fresh Pine Straw

Pine straw is a tough multi-tasker - it conserves soil moisture and temperature, acts as a natural mulch, and deters weed growth, all while helping your flower beds and landscape look great.
Pine straw is a great addition to your landscape year-round, and now is one of the best times to lay a fresh batch. Like pre-emergents, pine straw works best to deter spring weeds before they begin growing. That’s because it prevents weeds by blocking seeds access to bare ground, and then deprives any new seedlings of sunlight so they can’t germinate.

As a bonus, a pre-spring application of fresh straw will also protect the growth of new plants! Spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils can easily penetrate pine straw if it’s already there, but their delicate blooms are easily trampled by new straw. You’ll want to get it applied and spread before they begin to grow to guarantee beautiful spring beds.

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