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How Krob Landscape Can Maintain Your Lawn
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When choosing a landscaping company to maintain your home’s lawn, there are several things to consider. You want to choose a company that’s reputable, highly trained, local to your area, and that will work with you to fit your landscape vision and your budget. Sound challenging? With Krob Landscape, it’s not!

Krob Landscape is a full-scale landscape company serving clients on the Alabama Gulf Coast and the Florida Panhandle. Our residential lawn maintenance services offer homeowners in the area stress-free lawn care that boosts your curb appeal, protects your home investment, and keeps your landscape in prime health and beauty year-round.

How we do it? We’re glad you asked! Read on to learn how Krob Landscape can maintain your lawn.

Mowing Service

Tired of spending nice afternoons tending to your overgrown grass? Take back your weekend with our professional mowing service! Our expert maintenance team uses a variety of professional-grade mowing equipment and the best industry practices to guarantee a clean and even trim every time.

Weed Trimming

We never cut corners when it comes to lawn maintenance. After a quality mow, our weed trimming services handle hard-to-reach areas around trees, fences, structural walls, and more to tackle any weeds that may mar your landscape.


Nothing ruins a perfectly trimmed lawn like sloppy, overgrown hedges. Krob Landscape can give your lawn a clean and polished look with our quality edging service! We use quality equipment to create sharp, precise edges around any walkways, driveways, patios or planting beds. After the initial trim, we'll keep your edges maintained year-round for lasting (and stress-free) beauty.


A nicely-shaped hedge adds a big boost of curb appeal to any landscape - but takes hours of work per year to maintain. Let the professional team at Krob Landscape handle the leg work for you! We use professional-grade trimming equipment to give your hedges a sharp and even shape while maintaining the health and integrity of your shrubs.

Lawn Blowing

After mowing and trimming, our maintenance team provides quality lawn blowing to remove any grass clippings, leaves, or other debris from unsightly areas like driveways or sidewalks. This allows the organic material to give beneficial nutrients to your lawn while giving your landscape a neat and tidy look.

Seasonal Tree and Major Shrub Pruning

Proper pruning doesn’t just improve your landscape’s look - it also keeps your trees and shrubs healthy by removing excess weight, increasing fruit production, and helping with structural stability. Krob’s Landscape provides seasonal maintenance trims to your trees and major shrubs to keep them (and your landscape) in perfect shape and form.

Fertilizing and Pre/Post Emergents

Sometimes, your lawn needs a little extra help to stay lush, green, and weed-free. We can help maintain the health and beauty of your lawn by applying seasonal fertilizer and pre/post emergents. Our expert lawn professionals are trained to choose the right fertilizer for your lawn’s needs and apply it safely and efficiently at the proper times. We also offer pre and post-emergent herbicides to stay on top of weed control before and after they take root in your lawn.


Mulching offers a variety of benefits to your landscape. A quality mulch improves your soil quality, retains moisture, reduces weeds, and adds rich color and a manicured look to your outdoor space. Our expert team will help you choose the right color and composition of mulch and apply it to your landscape beds, around trees and shrubs, along your home’s foundation, and other areas as needed to keep your landscape in optimal health and beauty.


Krob Landscape can handle every aspect of your landscape’s irrigation system, from installation to upgrades to fall winterization and beyond. Our expert irrigation specialists are trained to install new systems, make upgrades to existing setups, and ensure your irrigation works properly through regular testing and maintenance.

Customized Maintenance Programs

No two landscapes - or homeowners - are the same. That’s why our residential lawn maintenance services are completely customizable to meet your needs. We’ll help you build a customized maintenance program to handle as much - or as little - of your lawn care and maintenance as you need. Whether you choose just one service or a full-scale maintenance plan, we guarantee quality work that fits in your budget and keeps your lawn and landscape in peak condition year-round.

Ready to let the professionals at Krob Landscaping handle your residential lawn maintenance? Contact us today!

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