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Five Commercial Landscape Services Krob Landscape Can Help With

These past couple of years have brought disruption, change, and a downright different way of looking at life and the world around us. But one of the best ways to get ourselves back to some semblance of normal, is to get back to a good routine. (Uncle Earl said he’d give up his bad routines if people didn’t think he was a quitter).

So, it’s time to stretch those arms, lose an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings Time, and think about planting, caring or even a redesign of the landscape surrounding your business.  And at Krob, that routine is our routine.

There are five important aspects we consider when it comes to your commercial landscape and landscaping needs:

•    Design
•    Landscape Installation
•    Grounds Management
•    Plant Healthcare
•    Water Management


Step back and look at your business space.  Really look, and what do you see?  Is it a place you would pull into when seeking out services?  Do the aesthetics appeal to you in a way you would want to do business with you?  If you are questioning your answers to these simple questions, then you know you might need some advice.  We’re here to help with your design.  We will sit with you, look over your current landscape and offer ways to work with you to put your vision into the landscape of your business.  We can start from scratch, do a modification or renovation, or a simple moving and/or re-purposing of what you already have.  We can also show you why design should include your irrigation needs.  


We are a fully equipped landscape company, so new construction or projects small and large don’t scare us, because we have the equipment and expertise to take on any project.  We are knowledgeable and well-staffed, and therefore, efficient in executing a landscape plan.  But, we don’t sacrifice safety for speed.  Our crews are well-trained and always remain safety conscious.


At Krob, we don’t have a specific season.  We believe in year-round maintenance and care, and will work with you to build a comprehensive plan that includes seasonal changes – both in color and plants; we prune when pruning is required; and we will develop a timely, yet cost effective plan that calls for us to maintain your commercial surrounds on a routine basis. 


While all plants need four basic things for survival: good soil, good water, good light, and good air, plants also require certain nutrients in order to thrive.  And if you have ever planted anything, you know that all dirt is not created equal. Plants grown in some parts of the country will not live in others, unless similar conditions exist, and part of that is knowing what is needed to allow for those plants to live and grow and be their beautiful self.  That’s where we come in.  Experienced in understanding soil needs, irrigations requirements, and design of landscapes to take advantage of available lighting, we can give you the look you desire while maintaining your plants through quality nutrient management, as well as our thorough knowledge and understanding of where and when to apply specific products for insect and weed control and overall beautification of your landscaping.  


On average, humans can only go about 3-4 days without water.  Well, guess what?  For fruits, vegetables and flowering plants, it’s about the same.  That’s right.  After just a few days, much like us, plants begin to break down and do what they can to survive what to them are drought conditions, often with devastating results for your landscapes.  So, unless you have nothing but cacti or other succulents surrounding your office, your plants need water.  Krob Landscaping is attuned to your property’s watering needs, and can provide expert services for irrigation systems, water quality testing, French drains, and more.  

Krob Landscaping is proud of our dedicated team, and we will gladly work with you in solving new or existing landscape requirements.  Check out our Gallery to see our team in action and view some of the results we have provided to the Gulf Coast - 

Spring has nearly sprung, so come see us and let us help you.  It’s one routine you’ll be glad you got back to doing!

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