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7 Great Plants To Add To Your Landscape For Summer
7 Great Plants To Add To Your Landscape For Summer.png

For many, the intense heat of an Alabama summer doesn’t invite you to roll up your sleeves and hit the yard work. But you still want to enjoy a bold, beautiful landscape that puts you in a summer frame of mind! How do you get both? With the perfect summer plants, of course!

The perfect summer landscape combines dramatic color with plenty of texture and doesn’t require hours of draining upkeep. You’ll want to choose plants that are hardy and drought-resistant or be ready to spend long afternoons watering and shading them.

We’ve compiled a list of the seven best plants to add to your landscape for summer that will give you a festive look without needing hours of maintenance. Read on to learn more!


The large, colorful flowers of the hibiscus plants may look delicate, but they’re astoundingly resilient. During the late summer to early fall, saucer-sized blooms erupt in gorgeous pinks, whites, and reds, adding a festive splash of color to your landscape. Some can even grow to over 8 feet tall!  They need full sun and moist soil to shine their best, so be sure to plant them in full view and water them often.

Bee Balm (Monarda didyma)

This native gem provides tall, bright red blooms through the summer that are a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds. They also have an intensely sweet fragrance, making them popular with gardeners but not with scavengers like deer or rabbits. They grow best in full sun and moist soil.


Hydrangeas are well-known as one of the best landscaping plants for summer. Their puffy balls of bright, colorful blooms come in a variety of colors that add a dramatic pop to your summer landscape. They also grow back bigger and better every year, making them the summer gift that keeps on giving! They prefer afternoon shade and need plenty of space to spread out, so plant accordingly.


Those iconic purple blooms aren’t just a great addition for curb appeal - they also repel mosquitoes and flies, making them pretty and functional in your summer landscape. They’re also drought-resistant and flourish in full sun. Plant them near your windows for a fragrant breeze that will fill your home (and your dreams) with their sweet, rejuvenating scent!


These bright, textured plants are technically tender perennials, but they often die at the first frost and need to be re-planted when winter passes. Their waxy leaves and vibrant, long-stemmed flowers make them a beautiful accent for any summer garden. They grow equally well in sun or shade and are resistant to drought and curious critters, making them a great low-maintenance plant for your landscape. They also look great in hanging baskets or containers for porch appeal!

Elephant’s Ear

This well-known plant will bring a tropical flair to your landscape with its large, bright green leaves that look just like their namesake. A single leaf can grow up to 4 feet, making a bold statement with relatively little work involved. They’re perfect for our warm southern summers, as they don’t withstand the cold well and need to be re-planted in climates with cooler winters.


The perfect summer landscape isn’t just about the flowers - you need lots of lush foliage, too. That’s where coleus comes in. This vibrant, leafy plant provides texture to your beds in dazzling hues of green, purple, and burgundy that spill around and over your other blooms. It’s hardy, drought-resistant, and flourishes in the sun, making it an ideal summer accent.

For help planting and maintaining your perfect summer landscape, call Krob Landscape! Our expert landscapers can design a bold summer look and maintain it for you, so you can enjoy it all summer long (but still have time to play). Contact us today!

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